Jim and Andrew


Hundred Little Reasons came together over a shared nostalgia for a time that never really happened. Their love of gentlemen’s pipes, moustaches, straw boaters, camp fires, afternoon tea, japes, magic tricks, small dogs and the ukelele was all squeezed into a tube and out the other end came a warm and fuzzy, oldy worldy, plinky plonky heavenly body of stories and songs.

Fusing a blend of one part Ukulele, one part whimsy and two part harmony, theirs is a simple promise: to celebrate a love of small things and to revel in the joy of multiplicity.

Both are rebels although the product of this rage is a pure and wholesome sound that wraps around you like a big pink blanket and makes everything ok.

Hundred Little Reasons has grown from its humble beginnings on the internet into an international youtube sensation.

“Great tunes! Yes yes!” The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

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