Directed by Kev Pick

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  1. Hello Hundred Little Reasons.
    Your music is so beautiful, so full of life and hapiness…Thank you so much for that, when I’m sad, I just listen to your songs and that makes me happy again :)
    I received a ukulele for Xmas and first thought “I’m gonna play Hundred Little Reasons’ songs !!!!” but I don’t have the chords…
    Please, can you tell me the uke chords of “Big Pink Blanket” ? :)

    Thanks a lot,


  2. your music is so good. it allways makes me smile, youve inspired me to do my own stuff and thanks i guess for creating this, from allie ready and waiting for a duet lol

  3. I love, love, love you guys!!!

  4. TOO FUNNY! i can’t believe how many people found you guys the same way my daughter and i just did, minutes ago: from watching a Maru video!!! *LOL*……a CAT made you famous!!…. that is just purrrfect…. i love it!!!

  5. Your music is as beautiful as a box filled with shiny love mémoires. Lovely
    ( ..)

  6. I want to give you my best wishes you make music so peacefull and you really enjoy making music for me thats the only thing that matters! THX MARU!

  7. Absolutely wonderful! Is it at all possible to purchase this tune/chords as sheet music??

  8. Someday is a remarkable song, so peaceful and full of emotions. I loved it. I’ve been listening to it for hours, it made my day.

    Grateful to Maru who introduced me to you,
    I’ll share your music with everyone I love. (of course will encourage them to make a purchase:))

    Thanks a lot from Istanbul, Turkey

  9. Maru!

  10. Also i just bought someday on itunes. the album needs to go on itunes… now
    please =)

  11. Haha maru introduced me too. i love the song and music video for “someday”

  12. maru introduced me to you too! you’re AWESOME!

  13. I think you should thank the kitty :)

  14. From Jess, Gwen and Siobhan: you guys are aces, we are enjoyin. love the new video….sxsx

  15. i found you thanks to the cat Maru, some tears , very good songs, i bought someday on i tunes, and i’m waiting for your album now, i hope you will be in France for a gig

  16. I found you through Maru as well!!! You guys are soo awesome!!! When will you be touring in California!?!?

  17. Meet you trotuhg Maru! But i loved the song! Its touching

  18. You guys are awesome!! I also discovered you all through maru a.k.a. the most amazing cat ever. seriously..hes the SHiiiiiZZZ. Write a song about him or something :D

  19. Another fan via Maru! You might need to write him a tribute song. =)

  20. Maru and Big Pink Blanket – warm fluffy smiles :-D

  21. so amazing. i love your music. its beautiful.
    and i could sway and dance forever to it :)

    *also discovered it through Maru :)

  22. another person who discovered you through Maru. awesome work, “someday” stuck in my head :D

  23. Great music, I’ve discovered it by watching Maru’s video on youtube lol! :P

  24. For my HB!

  25. Another person who only discovered you guys because of Maru…. Absolutely marvellous and totally captivating. I wonder if either of you know of Brighton based drummer (well, Hove, actually) John E Muxlow? this stuff would be right up his street! Keep it up!
    Bob Hunt (Musical Director, The Big Chris Barber Band)

  26. I found your band through Maru the cats you tube video! He or she is so charming, as is your music. The music is so soul inspiring that I beg you to please make it readily available for purchace! A thousand times thank you!!!

  27. Brilliant !
    When one can laugh and cry at the same time, while listening, THAT spells Wonderful.
    Where have you been? This old world needs more of the kind of joyful art you’ve “painted”. Harry Nilsson would have been proud! More dear friends !

  28. Wow, love it, absolutely love your tunes.So blessed to have found you’s!!
    Made my insides go all skishy gishy…sweet!
    Will be keeping track of you….can’t wait to hear more

  29. You two are magic!

  30. You guys are gonna be famous :)

  31. I JUST LOVE YOUR MUSIC! it always make me feel better, HAPPY :)
    thanks for creating such beautiful songs

  32. Amazing tracks .cant help but be happy! Keep up the good work on the videos Kev. see you soon

  33. Just a thought, since so many people seem to want to marry you, I always wondered what would make a singer or so forth actually take someone up on the whole marry me thing? What would make someone say yes to a total stranger asking to marry you? Can you think of a hundred little reasons? X)

  34. fab. thanks for the link Mr Jim. Mr Mark.

  35. simple yet out of it

  36. like the new look. thank you for making such beautiful music!

  37. Wow these songs are amazing. They make me wanna cry with happiness :)

  38. Maru is a great cat and provides lots of joy and laughter. Makes my day happy and brighter when I feel sad. :-) Thank You for sharing your video. Also cute song.

  39. This just makes you feel Unstressed…..Love it

  40. i love maruuuu..!!

  41. LOVE YOUR SONGS, they are so peaceful!

  42. Just beautiful….

  43. Can I marry you? Both of you? (No, seriously) This stuff is gorgeous, truly gorgeous – makes me go all tingly … Can’t wait for more ukulele goodness. Much love from Melbourne, Australia xo


  45. Hello!

    Thanks FaraStar – I’ve created a Bandcamp site (funnily enough I was halfway through sorting this out this very thing when your message came through!)

    Someday has been earmarked for a separate release via http://superstoremusic.co.uk/ – and should be available via iTunes etc from Sept 12th.

    gdizz – any particular songs you’d like the chords for?

    Big love

    Andrew Little Reason

  46. Another new fan via Maru. I want to purchase your songs very badly and cannot wait to hear more. You might see if Bandcamp is a site that would work for you and your fans, I know that a lot of different artists use it.


  47. Someday is the most amazing song, thank you so much for creating it! Is there any way I could download it?

  48. could you provide uke chords to your music? thanks!

  49. How does one go about downloading these songs? Simply amazing, and I want to have them on me!

  50. I want to marry you AND Maru…