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  1. yip a fury little cat brought me here too! Great sound guys. Will have to buy your Cd now!

  2. Can’t believe how many of us were brought here by Maru, what an awesome cat LoL- Love the music @ Brisbane Australia ^_^

  3. Beautiful – easy now is my new favorite! The Maru video brought you to Norway as well :) Good luck!

  4. You guys have the most interesting and alluring sound that instantly makes me happy. You sound like an old radio show…but new. I wish I knew you in real life, I would invite you over all the time, feed you yummy foods and ask you to sing for me! Love!

  5. O.K. I am hooked now. Love your music! All of it. Especially love Big Pink Blanket! Makes me happy. (insert smiley face).

  6. Was introduced to your music through the “I am maru” the cat videos.

    Love “Big Pink Blanket” it is one of those quirky make you feel good song…Like being
    wrap in a big pink fuzzy blanket LOL

    Big Bear Hug to all you guys


  7. Wonderful sound! I’m off in search of your music to buy. Thanks to Maru for introducing me to your fabulous music – love it!
    Sonni, Perth, Western Australia

  8. I am an American living in Sicily and found you through Maru the cat. What great music. What a great muse. When and where can I get your CD?? (You should send Maru some catnip… or at least a new bag to put on his head.)

  9. It’s just so… peaceful.

    Thank you.

  10. I just discovered you with Maru because I believe there is a Maru for adoption in my local pet store here in Toronto, and a fellow customer identified him…suggested I google Maru, and here we are!!!! Amazing, I would bring Maru home now but have 2 …large guys already…Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae both were rescued ferals, and now adorable pets!
    I am going back to the store to tell them they may have a very special guy there…and have purchased your music too! Love the whole thing, and passing it on…

  11. Wow you guys should really send Maru some luxury catfood for getting so many of us into your awesome music!

  12. Delicious! I adore your sweet music, really lovely… So amazing… Many Thanks, kiss. Simonetta, Trieste, Italy

  13. hey you guys are really good! I’m a dj for a radio show called the Indie Outbreak and I would love to use your music on the show. This coud be a great opportunity for massive exposure. If you’re interested you can contact us at soundinthehall@gmail.com. For more information feel free to head over to our website at soundinthehall.com.

  14. Simple awesome! I owe you Maru ;)

  15. Thumbs up from singapore! enjoyed listening while having my ciggs and coffee by the corridor ;)

  16. wow .. love it so much

  17. Hello.. You are awesome!

  18. you guys should do tutorial on these songs, I would love to play it but I don’t have the ability to play by ear :(

  19. Just heard your “Someday” with a Maru video. Love your sound. It’s nice, refreshing, simple, warm. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  20. You guys are great and hope to hear a lot more from you. Maru is the best introducing me to new bands :)
    greetings from Puerto Rico

  21. HELLO! Greetings from Brunei Darussalam

  22. I also discovered it because of a cat:D Maru!! And I am now a fan of you guys!!
    :D :D:D:D
    Post some more music please! Where can we get more?

  23. like someone said before:
    i discovered your music because of a cat xD… and i love it!!! your songs are awesome, make me feel happy… more people should know about this band, keep making music!

    thank to you and thank to maru the cat. both ow you are lovely an awsome…
    Antonio – Italy

  24. I love you guys; you just might become one of my favorite bands. I seriously can’t wait for more songs!

  25. i love your song!!!!!
    from Picazzee

  26. really love it. where is it shot. also you both look good in clothes that shape.

  27. I love It, thanks Maru, amazing cat!

  28. The sound very good!! It´s a “cute” music!!

  29. Thank you so much for the lovely music. It makes me really happy.

  30. I came here because of Maru. I like the song though :-)

  31. someday…follows me all day through the day…

  32. Please, please, tell me you have a CD out, or one in the works. I’m a grandma type who just found your music today and fell in love. Unfortunately, I’m a grandma type who doesn’t have an MP3 player – and your music is beyond words, it’s so wonderful. Don’t stop!

  33. I discovered your music because of a cat xD… and i love it!!! your songs are awesome, make me feel happy… more people should know about this band, keep making music!
    greetings from Peru :)

  34. I was given the clip of someday as a present on this Sunday morning. Made my day. I’ve said thanks to the giver and now it your turn. Thanks :)

  35. Hundred Little Reasons,
    I could list a hundred reasons why I love “Someday”. It’s thoughtful, beautiful and makes me feel good. What more can you want?

  36. hello

  37. Maru me mando directo a ustedes! Son realmente geniales kisiera ver mas pronto porfavor, y sus lyrics? Las he buscado x todos lados porfavor

  38. You guys are killing me. I desperately want all the new songs you guys have put out, but I already bought the EP, and when I rebuy it, I’m going to have the first five songs all over again. I’d be really happy if it were a different album, but whatever. It’s worth it. Keep being awesome!

  39. Very pretty music, makes me want to hear more!

  40. Lovely. Really lovely. So melancholy. Just perfect. Lovely vid too.

  41. simple lovely !

  42. Brilliant Music!!!

    Keep it up!

    JP from Cape Town, South Africa

  43. You have a lot to thank Maru for! Your music is sweet. It’s addictive.
    Please sir, may I have some more? *in best Oliver Twist voice*

  44. Came to discover your beautiful music by way of Maru. “Someday” replays in my head over and over and brings sweetness, love and hope along with a tear. Discovered “Big Pink Blanket” and now want to hear everything. Thank you.

  45. yey!

  46. Hi , I would like to know were I can by your cd here in Brasil is it possible?
    I liked very much your songs.
    best regards,

  47. The important question now, guys, is when will the first concert happen? Please let me know when it is!!

  48. Unique – sweet – replete – I liked it . You guy’s ain’t from Brooklyn tho – Jersey maybe !

  49. You guys had to go and do it! Ever since I was a kid in the 1960′s, my favorite song of all time has been “Pretty Ballerina” by The Left Banke. Well after listening to “Easy Now” about a hundred times today, I now have a NEW favorite song! This is absolutely the most beautiful, captivating, magical masterpiece I have ever had the pleasure to lay an ear to! I am definately going out and buy everything you have to offer, and listen to it as much as I possibly can before senility sets in! And I thought all music made in the last 10 years is all a bunch of crap. You can thank Maru for setting me straight!

  50. so beautiful..thanks Maru..