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I like it so much - what should I do with all this emotion? Share!

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  1. I like your style and music! You r really good guys!! Best regards!

  2. this is so tender and campy ..i love you for doing it !!!

  3. So glad I happened upon the Maru video that led me to Hundred Little Reasons! The music is so unique yet so reminiscent of time gone by. Keep strumming the Uke and enchanting us!

  4. queria a tradução em português da músicaSomeday – from Hundred Little Reasons (A Brighton-based Ukulele Band)

  5. REALLY beutifull. Thank u, dear men. WOuld love to get to know u… Irena

  6. thanks to Maru to brins me here! its so freshly to hear your music!

  7. Maru bring me here. Love Maru and love this song too :)

  8. Maru led me to you!!

  9. Greetings from New Britain, CT USA. Hundred little reasons to like Maru, to find you. If you ever tour the US in the future please book a show @ Sully’s Pub in Hartford, CT. Would love to see you guys perform and Sully’s would be the spot. Keep up the goodness!

  10. Hi~Maru brought me here too^ ^ and and I’m a Ukulele player your song is lovely and sweet
    I love it .Thank you:)

  11. yes, Maru brought me here too. He has had a good idea.

  12. I play uke (banjo and tenor) as well, and found you via the ever adorable Maru.

  13. I heard the song “Someday” today and i fell in love with this band. I’m seriously considering taking up ukulele lessons just because of hearing this band. Love it. Keep up the good work so we can all keep enjoying this audible bliss. Big love x

  14. Guru Maru brought me here!!!!

  15. Isn’t it just beautiful, I found your music thanks to that cute lazybone Maru, what a perrrrfect match! thanks for the lovely music!

  16. Maru the puffy cat brought me here… I love your music!! Your music brought sunshine in my heart… :) )

  17. Your music is amazing guys. it makes me feel all these feels. dont stop. and dont change. :D

  18. I love us from chile south america

  19. Man, you guys are such creative artists! I love your music so much, I wish that I could have it in CD form (I really just don’t like only having it on my computer. That way I can listen to music in the car too). I hope someday soon you’ll be able to get your music out on the shelves of millions of stores WORLD-wide. :)

  20. Really love your songs :)

  21. Maru brought it here. I’m buying your EP. So nostalgic, thank you.

  22. I love your music.

  23. I, also, followed Maru here and I’m a Uke player.
    Cats and ukuleles….. A perfect combination!

  24. Maru brought me here. I have no regrets. I love the older feel of the music and vocals, it makes me feel like I’m listening to it on one those 1920′s radios.

  25. Hi Andrew,
    Enjoyed your video and great playing. Have recently taken up uke myself, but finding it difficult to play jazz chords on it.
    Best wishes from Sue

  26. I had stumbled upon the Maru video, and couldn’t get Big Pink Blanket out of my mind. I ended up Googling some of the words and found your site, and I’m really glad that I did. I just love your music. I just bought Hundred Little Reasons EP and it’s the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time. Who would have thought that Ukelele music could be so freaking good.

  27. ~Big Pink Blanket~

    All of the people, buddy, or a friend too
    And all of the people who love you too
    Well, let’s wrap them in the big pink blanket
    And write accross it i love you

    All of the people who care about you
    And all of the people about you care for too
    Well, let’s wrap them in the big pink blanket
    And stick them to your self with glue

    This much i know you musn’t let them go
    This much is true sun shine with i’m with you…

    All of the people, buddy, or a friend too
    And all of the people who love you too
    Well, let’s wrap them in the big pink blanket
    And write accross it i love you


    Someday we will go
    Pack up all we know
    ??????????????? go for a ride
    Nothing left to hide

    It doesn’t change a thing
    Everything you’ve been
    ??????????????? all open wide
    Nothing left to hide

    note: please correct it, if there is a mistake.
    and please fill the ???????.
    i love your song, but my english is not so good(it doesn’t matter)
    btw maru lead me here too XD
    im from Indonesia

  28. Another Maru fan.
    Ahahaha, that cat, he does good things for people.

  29. Yep, Maru got me searching out this band as well. Awesome, vintagey sounds.
    I love it!

  30. Very nice music, I enjoy it very much! Keep up the good work :)

  31. i found ur song on maru’s video … love it .

  32. haha..me too discovered your band from Maru’s video! love the music :) so happy and cheerful :)

  33. Excellent song, tempered with adorable cat made me smile! Will download from i-Tunes asap.

  34. I said perfect for Maru the cat not madhouse whatever that is!

  35. The music is wonderful & happy. It is also perfect for Madhouse. Thankyou.

  36. I too found your music on the Maru video & love it! I love all different types of music, & love it when I hear more vintage type sounds. Just got into listening to Tiny Tim who was a great artist specializing in “Tin Pan Alley” style music. Never knew he did much other than “Tiptoe through the Tulips”. I will be buying some of your songs. Please keep making more wonderful music. Do you have a Facebook page?

  37. Do you have CD’s out? I would really like to buy one.

  38. I saw the Maru video and your music was on there. I love it! I love the cat, too. Your music behind the antics of the cat made the video even better.

  39. I’ve been wanting to learn to play the ukulele and now I’m freshly inspired! I told my kids to get me one for mother’s day…or for my birthday…or…so maybe one of these years! Is it hard to play? Easier than playing a guitar? I saw some beautiful ukuleles at my son’s favorite guitar store. Any recommendations? Anyway, you have such a poignant sweet sound that speaks to my soul. Thank you!

  40. Absolutely, absolutely love your music…. happy, silly and …… just grand!!! Love the moustaches too……

  41. Hope you keep creating new music – I truly think Someday is a beautiful song, and could be a hugeee hit!

  42. I <3 <3 Your Music! Makes me feel so Happy! Matches "Maru" Purrfectly Definately SHARING! Thank You Thank You And Thank You. As Always, Me. 8)

  43. I love the music – it is so sweet and original, very refreshing from some other modern stuff (this is coming from a 17 year old here!) You must keep up with it,we love it!!

  44. gorgeous! lovely and sweet – just what we need!

  45. Are you guys still around?

  46. Maru: Yay! Pink Blanket: Super Yay! =D

  47. Someday is one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks for putting so much into one song, representing Chicago.

  48. Huge maru FAN from houston tx! i heard the song in the background and was like wow I love the little dude to.

  49. This may sound a little wimpy but I don’t care I’m saying it some of your songs nearly move me to joyful silent tears I can picture someday playing while a boy grows into a man gets married has children grows old with his wife and well you know

  50. Hooray for Maru and 100 little Reasons. I shared the cat video just to share your music. Well I love the kitty too. but your songs cheered me up today. Thanks