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  1. Hi!
    I just bought ‘someday’ on iTunes and love it so much I’d love to use it in a small (personal and not for profit) YouTube clip. May I please have permission? I am willing to state your details in the credits and where people can purchase your song. If you require any more details, please let me know.

  2. “Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.”

  3. Thinking about whispering to my fiance during secret vows that I plan to wrap him up in a big pink blanket and stick him to myself with glue. He might guffaw awkwardly though and embarrass himself….lol. You have a great friend in Mari! Thank you for expressing crazy deep silly love so well. Uke on!!!

  4. hey, guys! love your songs so much. and so my friends, after they was introduced to your tracks by me. and now you have yours little fan-club in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    please, come to visit us, or record some new songs.
    you are wonderful and amazing.
    thank you and god bless.

  5. wanna know i find you? Following and searching a cat’s youtube vid soundtrack xD this explain well how your music work. LOL very good job guys!

  6. Heard you while watching cat Mari, your music is wonderful, makes me smile & happy! Thank you!

  7. Will you be playing at any festivals this summer? xx

  8. Love Maru,
    love you,
    thank you HLR xxx

  9. Love your music do you do events in the Brighton/Lewes area, seeing as you are Brighton based?? are you free 28th June in the afternoon?

  10. Maru sent me here. LOVE your music.

  11. Ah~ I love your music! Such sweet and relaxing songs. I hope you release a physical album. I really want to purchase it!

  12. Simple, sweet, loving, your songs are right out of the heart. Please never stop!

  13. 23:14 05 Dec 2013 – just found you on ukplayalong.nl and am absolutely knocked out. Too late to fanny about tonight but will log on tomorrow to make some purchases.

    Ian Pogson – very amateur, very new uke player aged 59 1/2

  14. [...] You might recognise this song if you happen to follow the feline youtube star “Maru”. In case you don’t, this ukelele band are awesome and unique. They have many other songs that you can listen to and download them on their internet page: http://www.hundredlittlereasons.com/songs/ [...]

  15. P.S For your information: I found out about you guys from watching the video of Maru the cat, with your music playing in the background. I hadn’t heard of you before…I bought both your EP’s straight after hearing pink blanket! Love your music! :)

  16. Can I get the Lyrics to the Big pink blanket song?

  17. came here because of Maru the Cat on YouTube :) – They used Big Pink Blanket for background music – love it! <3

  18. Hey guys! Is your CD only in digital format?

  19. this music put a big smile on my face each time I listen to it – thank you

  20. I would love a deluxe physical album of this! Can only find a couple of these song to buy. I want the, all please. <3

  21. Thank you for the good music! <3

  22. Lovely! makes me smile :-)

  23. oopsie! The riff in the tab is for guitar since I don’t play ukulele

  24. I took liberty and tabbed this song, hopefully HLR doesn’t mind

    Waiting for you
    Main verse
    F C
    F7 D7
    G C
    F C

    Bb Am
    F F7
    Bb Am
    G C

    Nothing to do, just waiting for you.
    To make all my dreams come true
    Holding me high night after night.
    If only you knew.

    Why can’t you see, that you and me
    did perfectly, were meant to be.
    holding me high, holding your heart.
    Down by the sea.

    We could go dancing till midnight
    and our feet wont touch the ground.
    And as we walk through the moonlight.
    With no one else around.

    Nothing to do, still waiting for you.
    Could it be true, that you’re waiting too?
    just let it show, please let me know.
    Waiting for you.

    *Riff (at the end of verse 2 and bridge)
    I’m not very sure about it, though. Do correct if it’s wrong

  25. I love your music! Amazing! Thank you for bringing music to life. If you are ever playing in Ohio, please let us know.

  26. I love these songs. Whenever I feel blue, i put them on, and its an instant pick me up. thank you. :)

  27. The perfect gift for someone you love. What gift for all of us. They know where the heart resides.

  28. These songs are amazing!!! No band has made me smile this much in a long time :)

  29. Big pink blanket is full of happy-ness and makes me want to bop about whilst hugging lovely people

    :o )

  30. These songs are amazing!

  31. Brilliantly done Gentlemen!

  32. Good job, amaizing music. I look forward to getting the rest of the hits to my collection. Keep up the good work.

  33. Aaah Maru! Amazing music, so peaceful and calming. Thanks!