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  1. Long live to MARU! miaou, miaou, I found your music because of him.

  2. I also found you because of Maru! Your music is sweet. Love the Ukes! Will you be on Spotify soon?

  3. I just bought both your EP downloads, but having you on Spotify would be awesome! Love your music. From a new fan in Michigan, USA.

  4. i found you because of MARU !
    and listen to your music, OMG!!! this is awesome >__<
    hundred little reason's music is wonderful !

    i love it! simple instrument bring a great feel ~~

  5. Yup. Maru is doing great promotion there. Maybe send him a card?

  6. Maru from Japan brought you to my attention. I love your music. Love from Romania and Hungary!

  7. You guys are great! I love the sound and the harmonies. How about a special song just for Maru? That’s how I found you too.

  8. Maru <3

  9. I do not even know what Maru is and I found your music playing in antique store and I am completely in love!!!

  10. i found u in this maru cat video.
    i love your music. especialy someday :)

  11. I love your Big Pink Blanket! I would like to have such a blanket. Thank you!

  12. Thank you thank you thank you.
    I came on Maru’s back too. Such feel good music and videos.
    I’ll spread it as wide as I can. Thanks again from France.

  13. I discovered your music while watching “I am Maru. The Funniest Cat on the Planet.” BTW Perfect music for the cutest cat in the world! Your music is very comforting and it has a timeless feel and i can’t get enough. I am constantly looking for new music so when i heard your song it made me happy because it’s Very soothing and animated and most importantly original. Keep the music rolling! I’ll be spreading your music with friends, family and music lovers :)

  14. a while back I found your songs and just love them. I just came back and saw your new songs and love them too. They are amazing! keep up with the good work!

  15. Why do you guys not have cd? Haha I know there arelot of reasons for that, but your music is so sweet and cute. Especially big pink blanket….so funny and cute. I was also brought here by the lovely fluffy Maru, so if you ever make it big, you should dedicate the cd to Maru and his owner. :3 Happy Music Making guys! Keep doing what your doing. :)

  16. Can you guys get some music up on spotify?

  17. Maru bring me here . :D Great music – Cheers!

  18. Discovered through Maru but staying because the music is beautiful, so good. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  19. you are the best :3 thanks for you music

  20. I simply love all the songs through watching Maru tonight… Thanks Maru :D from Singapore

  21. I also love the musicality. Maru led me here too because of Big Pink Blanket. LOVE it and I love Maru too xoxo

  22. 1- I LOVE this group!
    2- Maru led me here, lol.

  23. Still makin songs or have you gone dead cuz I want your CDs so bad. Like theyre so silly but not overly silly stupid. If its somthing you guys like to do, please keep it up cuz you made my want to chase my friends around trying to wrap them up in a pink blanket. :)

  24. ~Big Pink Blanket~

    All of the people, buddy, or a friend too
    And all of the people who love you too
    Well, let’s wrap them in the big pink blanket
    And write accross it i love you

    All of the people who care about you
    And all of the people about you care for too
    Well, let’s wrap them in the big pink blanket
    And stick them to your self with glue

    This much i know you musn’t let them go
    This much is true sun shine with i’m with you…

    All of the people, buddy, or a friend too
    And all of the people who love you too
    Well, let’s wrap them in the big pink blanket
    And write accross it i love you


    Someday we will go
    Pack up all we know
    ??????????????? go for a ride
    Nothing left to hide

    It doesn’t change a thing
    Everything you’ve been
    ??????????????? all open wide
    Nothing left to hide

    note: please correct it, if there is a mistake.
    and please fill the ???????.
    i love your song, but my english is not so good(it doesn’t matter)
    btw maru lead me here too XD
    im from Indonesia

  25. You guys are rad and owe Maru’s owner a big ol’ “THANKS for all the exposure!” Love your tunes, keep it up!

  26. Waiting for a US tour! pleasepleasepleasePLEASE come to texas!

  27. Please tour the U.S.! I’d drive six hours to see you! (but it would be great if you came to Oklahoma!)

  28. Yep. Japanese Cat Magick brings another fan your way….

  29. Love from USA – your music rocks.
    You guys are tops.

    I found you via the Maru cat video, too. Go figure.

  30. That darling cat in Japan, Maru, likes your sound…and I am now your newest fan! Love you for a thousand little reasons! Happiness…

  31. Meow!

  32. Maru led me here too… what a legend :)

  33. Wow! Maru video sent me too. I’d like to know the lyrics of Big Pig Blanket… And where can I get more lyrics of your songs? Thanks!!

  34. Many thanks to Maru the cat for leading me to HundredLittleReasons! Fantastic music! I Wished there would be more of your music being available here in Germany. Let’s have more of the same!

  35. I found you guys from Muru video to love the songs, you should put your album on iTunes i will buy it already got someday.

  36. Thank you, Maru. You have lead me to happyland full of a hundred reasons. Love this music. It’s hypnotic. The images are magical.

  37. (whispers)

    Maru sent me!

    Your music is relaxing, wonderful, and is just like taking a holiday. Do more stuff and I’ll buy it too.

  38. Such a nice tune I especially like someday oh yah I also learned about this from Maru weird huh.

  39. I found the single on iTunes, but can’t find the album anywhere. Too bad… I love the music and my money is burning a hole in my pocket!

  40. ukulele sound is so lovely!!
    I want to sing along song, well I do not speak English
    I wonder is your lyrics
    it lyrics are not listed anywhere.

  41. Love, love, love your music. Thank you for bringing back the pure melodic line. lovely changes, and sweet lyrics. Your music transports me back to a time gone by where life was a little slower, a little less complicated and a lot more thoughtful. It is so refreshing. Bless you.

  42. Well Maru a boy of the Scottish Fold finds yet another way to make me happy! Love the music!

  43. Amazing !!!! Love it !!

  44. Your songs are bloody brilliant!! Wish you had a t-shirt I could buy! :)
    Keep up the work!!


  45. I had a loveley time at Brighton Tattoo Convention… All loveley people… Have a greath time and make more of your music… I found you with Maru… alsow… Keep up the good work…

  46. Omg, just watched Maru (my kids love Maru!) and came across you guys! Wonderful! And I live in Brighton and play ukele too, what a lovely surprise! X

  47. Just downloading your fabulous album now (bargain price of just over £3!). Hubby and I have already indulged in a 30s-style dance in our kitchen to Courageous and Proud. Tricky to do while wearing slippers :o D Love you chaps. Thanks for bringing fun, light and old-style romance into our Italian home xxx

  48. agree! put it on iTunes pls

  49. I agree with Julie! Please don’t leave us Mac users out in the cold!! I LOVE your music.

  50. Why not put the album on iTunes so the few of us who are stuck using apple products can download it?